Obama nominates Chin for 2nd Circuit, Rogeriee for 1st Circuit

From the The Associated Press:

Judge Denny Chin, a district court judge for the Southern District of New York, and Rhode Island Superior Court Justice O. Rogeriee Thompson were tapped for positions. If confirmed by the Senate, Chin would serve as a judge in the 2nd Circuit, based in New York, and Thompson would serve in the Boston-based 1st Circuit.

Seeing how Justice Sotomayor feels that the Courts of Appeals are where policy is made, every nomination President Obama gets, especially to the influential 1st and 2nd Circuits, is significant.


One Response to “Obama nominates Chin for 2nd Circuit, Rogeriee for 1st Circuit”

  1. troll_dc2 Says:

    Chin will make a great appellate judge. I read a lot of his district court opinions, and he impressed me as a strong thinker. He was a plaintiff’s lawyer for the Vladeck law firm before ascending the bench, but I found his opinions to be fair and quite well balanced.

    Forget all the hoopla about “diversity.” This nomination is very good on its merits.

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