Blogger Shrugged. Going Galt and Not putting Ads on my Blog. For now.

Today a friend commented on my facebook wall that I should monetize my Blog. That got me thinking about placing advertisements on my blogs to generate some sheckels.

And I remembered this story (H/t Instapundit)

The state of New York has cut off unemployment benefits for a 2008 law grad after she reported collecting $1.30 a day in advertising income from her blog.

Karin has earned about $238 from the advertising generated from Google AdSense, according to the story. She has since taken the ads off her website.

Though I am a capitalist, I don’t want the government purloining my hard earned ad revenues. The administrative costs to file a more complicated tax return, and paying additional taxes, would likely negate any benefit of the negligible ad revenues I would expect to receive.

So for the time being, I shrug, and go Galt. The IRS can’t take money I don’t earn.

If in the future advertising becomes lucrative and would substantially exceed the transaction costs accompanying the governments yoke on my shoulders, I’d be willing to reconsider my intransigent Galtiness

Well, I already said “shrugged” and “galt” in this post, so I might as well throw out the rest of my favorite expressions: liberty or death, live free or die, and from my cold dead hands.


2 Responses to “Blogger Shrugged. Going Galt and Not putting Ads on my Blog. For now.”

  1. Francisco D'Anconia Says:

    You’re not really going Galt here because you’re still providing the service to society by publishing the blog. What you’re really doing is submitting your ideas to the looting by the moochers.

    • Josh Blackman Says:

      Good point, though I am not just submitting ideas. I am submitting ideas with the intent to inspire a Randian revolt. To that end, if the moocher absorb my ideas, it will permeate their statism, and help promote the cause of liberty.

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