Pic: My JHNGALT License Plate. The Only Way to Go Galt!

So I received a call a few weeks ago from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regarding my “JhnGalt” vanity license plate. The official asked if I had ordered a vanity license plate. I replied, “Yes.”

Then, she asked me, “Who is John Galt?” I almost burst out laughing hysterically.

I replied, “a character from a book.” She asked what book? I replied “Atlas Shrugged.” The mischief this license plate will create has already begun. Every time someone pulls up behind me, they will ask themselves, “Who is John Galt?” If a police officer ever pulls me over, and asks me, “Sir, who is John Galt?” I may need to call one of my attorney friends to get me out of involuntary commitment due to my inability to stop laughing.

Oh well. Who is John Galt?

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Update 2: I think I found the perfect license plate holder.

32 Responses to “Pic: My JHNGALT License Plate. The Only Way to Go Galt!”

  1. BlogDog Says:

    I’d like to do a “who is” on that.

  2. MatrixArchitect Says:


  3. SC Mike Says:

    While I admire the wit, isn’t a John Galt license plate an oxymoron?

  4. Bill N Says:

    I drove behind a car last week in one of the bluest sections of Boston with a “Who is John Galt” bumper sticker. Its spreading!

  5. Ron Reich Says:

    Pleeeese don’t put that plate on a Prius!

  6. maniakmedic Says:

    You can always get a license plate holder that says “Who is” at the top. I saw somebody else with something similar. Was fairly amusing.

  7. Les Nessman Says:

    Heh. That’s pretty good.
    But instead of just saying ‘a character in a book’, maybe you should come up with a simple one or two sentence explanation for the uninformed who will ask you about it.

  8. SW Ohio Says:

    Haha! I love it…unfortunately the clueless will more than likely remain clueless. If John Galt isn’t a reality tv star, or celebrity, most people won’t think twice about “Who is John Galt?”. And that’s a crying shame.

  9. “Who Is John Galt?” Says:

    […] Via Glenn, this is a gem. […]

  10. J Galt Says:

    I have a “Who is John Galt?” sticker on my car window….

  11. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    bash-2.05$ whois johngalt.com

  12. Jim Says:

    I will bet that the DOT will eventually take it back, once those dolts connect the esteemed Mr. Galt with the insightful Mrs. Rand. Reason? To have such a plate you must be a hater or a racist… of course.

  13. Lloyd Says:

    I’ve stopped caring about who John Galt is and started looking for where he moved to.

  14. Richard of Oregon Says:

    Going John Galt is not an option for most people. As the economy tumbles, millions of us will find themselves in Galts Gulch.

  15. Jeff Says:

    Please go Galt! For real. Go take all your collective brilliance and business acumen and move to Utopistan and show us all how to create the perfect tax-free, gubmint free conservative world.
    Go… now. Please.

    • seguin Says:

      No thanks Jeff. How about ou go live somewhere that has a nice big mommy government to take care of you.

      The difference being is that we small government types have nowhere to go, and you do.

      So this whole thing would be simpler if you statists shuffled off to Germany or whatnot.

      • Squid Says:

        What Jeff seems not to realize is that millions of us have “gone Galt” already, without packing a single box. It’s easy to refuse to participate, especially when policy makers and regulators offer such a wide variety of disincentives to participation.

        Each person who trims his business organization; who cuts back his billable hours; who goes on a lengthy sabbatical — all of these people add up. Just ask the guys at IRS who don’t have any receipts to count up.

        Sorry, Jeff, but you can’t kill an idea. We can easily withdraw from the economy without ever leaving our homes or communities.

    • Steve Adams Says:

      Already there . . . http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2009/10/revenues-in-free-fall.html

      We’re hiring few people and we’re recognizing less income. We will not be slaves of the State!!

  16. Jeff Says:

    Why can’t you Go Galt? Who is stopping you?

    Find a remote place, maybe in a developing nation with no national income tax where they have lots of land. Incorporate your Gulch and make your own little world.

    That’s what America’s founders did. You do emulate the founding fathers don’t you? Or are you just all talk?

  17. Jay Manifold Says:

    That’s why I plan to retire to Texas. ;^)

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  19. pst314 Says:

    Shorter Jeff: “I disagree with you, therefore you should STFU.”

  20. LordOfMictlan Says:

    Violating the property rights of Ayn Rand? Are we animals?

  21. Mo K. Says:

    I love it!
    As to inquiries from the uninformed, you can always suggest they google the phrase. They’ll see “meaning” as one of the options they can select, which takes them to the Wiki entry.

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  23. haha Says:

    Wow. Who knew “going Galt” would mean giving the state an extra $20 for a goofy license plate? Laughable.

  24. Stefan Lonce Says:

    I love it!! My favorite author [besides myself ;)] is Ayn Rand and my favorite thing is VNTY PL8S, as you can tell from my website. What do I tell people about “Atlas Shrugged”? “It really gets going after the first 1,000 pages…LOL.”

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