Pittsburgh Mayor Proposes Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog-Act, 1% College “Privilege Tax”

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Says He’ll Pursue 1% Higher-Ed Tax (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (H/T TaxProf Blog)

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl plans to propose a 1% college-education privilege tax to council today, in a move that’s likely to set off a fight with the city’s schools of higher learning.

College and university representatives met with the mayor on Wednesday and argued against the tax, which would be assessed on a college student’s tuition. It technically would not be a levy on the students or their schools, but rather on the privilege of getting a higher education in Pittsburgh. …

The tuition tax would raise around $16 million a year.

This is right out of Atlas Shrugged. Tax the producers and those obtaining higher education in order to redistribute that money to moochers. Really Pittsburgh?

How about you encourage producers to obtain a College tuition, so that one day they can perhaps rebuild and revitalize your city? Who is Ben Roethlisberger, err John Galt?


2 Responses to “Pittsburgh Mayor Proposes Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog-Act, 1% College “Privilege Tax””

  1. Cody Says:

    Great idea. Google didnt just open an office in Pittsburgh cause they heard that Mayor Ravenstahl’s wife is a good hairdresser, they opened it ’cause Carnegie Mellon is just down the street.

    CMU and Pitt are the only high tech draws in town. Downtown Pittsburgh is slowly dying. Just look to how the city begged for PNC’s main office when they were bought out recently.

    The steel mills no longer support the town. Hell, no manual-labor intensive industry supports that city.

    I watched alot of talented young lawyers leave town when I was there, not because they didn’t want to stay, but because there were no jobs. I don’t see how this tax will help bring talent to the cities’ schools.

    And the unintended consequences for schools like Robert Morris and Point Park, which aren’t flush with cash (as CMU, and arguably, Pitt are) are astronomical. These schools barely make it by, but the mayor wants them to pay for the privilege of existing in a dying city.

  2. Dogity Says:

    No, Google has a Data center there, jeese

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